Native Instruments Studio Drummer v.1.1

NATIVE INSTRUMENTS STUDIO DRUMMER - the perfect realization of a drummer in software, to create realistic acoustic drum tracks. STUDIO DRUMMER - first-class drum kits, detailed and flexible mixing, an extensive library of grooves. STUDIO DRUMMER makes dynamic drum tracks, the software mixer and powerful effects provide a high level and with sufficient ease of use, versatility to meet the demands of sound producers. 


Studio Drummer v.1.1 part 1

Studio Drummer v.1.1 part 2

Studio Drummer v.1.1 part 3

Studio Drummer v.1.1 part 4

Studio Drummer v.1.1 part 5

Studio Drummer v.1.1 part 6

Studio Drummer v.1.1 part 7

Studio Drummer v.1.1 part 8

Three top tier drum kits were recorded:

Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute kit,

Pearl Mas­ters Premium Maple kit, and a Sonor SQ2 Drum System kit. 

Each kit has up to 18 microphones that can be mixed separately, including many direct mics, a mono and stereo overhead set of mics, 
and room mics to capture the ambient sound of the various recording spaces in the studio.The drums were recorded at Teldex Studio in Berlin, Germany, world renown for legendary classical recordings as well as many other styles for several decades.

Native Instrumentas STUDIO DRUMMER includes mapping templates for instant use with E-DRUMS and other Drum Modules / software:
General MIDI
V-Drums TD-12/20 / V-Drums TD-3/6/8
DrumIt Five
Superior Drummer
Addictive Drums


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