Best Service - Engine 2

Best Service - Engine Sampler v2.1.0.186 Win.OSX

Best Service - Engine 2 the innovative Sample Player Platform or virtual sampler by Best Service. If you use sound in mono, stereo or surround sound is the virtual engines for you. This Sample Player is designed to offer a creative, flexible and immediate solutions for the most demanding music producers, film composers, sound designers, composers and DJs. Do you have access to hundreds of fully customized music functions of the user interface, file management and ultra fast streaming integration and support for multiple processors and core Auto-RAM-Cleaner allow you to download and use an unlimited number of files in seconds.


Best Service - Engine Sampler v2.1.0.186 Win.OSX

The professional built-in MIXER of ENGINE allows you to edit, mix and finish your instrument projects completely independent from your host. You can assign UNLIMITED BUS channels to your project. For your individual settings each Layer channel contains 5 BUS sends (selectable as pre and post).

ENGINE Details:
Quick Edit Page
Pro Edit Page
Mixer Page
Browser Page
Preferences Page
Help Page

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