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Sound Aesthetics Sampling - Mountains V3 (KONTAKT)

Sound Aesthetics Sampling - Mountains V3 containing lush and warm pads, and textures. It is small in size, but definitely large in sound. It is esentially an ambient Library, that is based on a variety of pad sounds, derived from Strings. But instead of giving just a regular Pad Patch you have the possibility to create short plucks, leads or rhythms from these samples as well. 


Sound Aesthetics Sampling - Mountains V3 (KONTAKT)


Sound Aesthetics Sampling - Mountains V3 (KONTAKT)

The new interface Mountains V3 gives you full control of the ADSR and has a main section in which you can set the stereo width, the filter (LP), the output gain and the panorama position. Each of the three patches also has separate controls, such as the con sordino button for tuning strings or saturation with a tape for the pads.
Create smooth filtering and pan or crazy rhythms using one of five available sequencers along with four LFOs. The sequencers can modulate distortion, filter, volume, panning and fx. They are all independent in time, so you can set the pace for each of the five individually. In addition to this, you get four LFOs that can control the volume, panning, pitch and width of the stereo. They can also be synchronized with your host.

Sound Aesthetics Sampling - Mountains V3 included:
3 Kontakt patches (.nki)
122 snapshots (.nksm)
80 samples (Either 96 or 48khz/24bit)
12 custom IRs

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