Strezov Sampling - Oracle (KONTAKT)

Strezov Sampling - Oracle is modern Sound Design library with over 300 ready to use presets and wave files including massive percussion hits, trashy and punchy kits, grungy and glitched out loops, organic metals, real recordings of analog synths and gear, and much more. 

Download: Strezov Sampling - Oracle (KONTAKT)


Strezov Sampling - MUTED GUITARS (KONTAKT)

Strezov Sampling - MUTED GUITARS is a KONTAKT based library that was recorded in one of the smaller recording rooms at Sofia Session Studio. MUTED GUITARS follows the same electroacoustic principles as The Muted Seiler, including three different guitars, powerful sound design tools and a unique arpeggiator. 

Download: Strezov Sampling - MUTED GUITARS (KONTAKT)


Strezov Sampling - MINImalism (KONTAKT)

Strezov Sampling - MINImalism is a Kontakt library that was recorded in Sofia Session Studio with several microphones that were later combined into three positions. We recorded two pianos and a marimba, and they all played in unison to achieve the distinctive percussion and richness of the library.

Download: Strezov Sampling - MINImalism (KONTAKT)


Strezov Sampling - Taikos X3M (KONTAKT)

Strezov Sampling - Taikos X3M for KONTAKT is taiko cinematic drums with a special emphasis on fast play and organic, timeless sound. Also includes various percussion ensembles based on taiko sounds to expand your sound palette. For many years, the Japanese Taiko has been a constant racy in soundtracks and musical works around the world. Acoustic Trailer Percussion

Download: Strezov Sampling - Taikos X3M (KONTAKT)


Strezov Sampling - The Performers Anonym Gregorian Choir (KONTAKT, WAV)

Strezov Sampling - The Performers Anonym Gregorian Choir (KONTAKT, WAV) - an extensive collection of exciting and mystical Gregorian chants, based on phrases, with particular emphasis on maximum flexibility and usability for composers and producers.

Download: Strezov Sampling - The Performers Anonym Gregorian Choir (KONTAKT, WAV)


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