Realitone - Realivox Ladies 2.1 (KONTAKT)

Realitone - Realivox Ladies 2.1 for KONTAKT is a vocal sample library that you can play on the keyboard and that will sound realistic. Whether it’s pop music or film dubbing, soloing or backing vocals, Realivox provides singers from the top sessions. 

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Realitone - Realivox Ladies 2.1 present five individual vocalists:
Cheryl - airy and charming - perfect for the lightweight movie genre.
Teresa - opera diva with soprano
Patty - for ethnic and pop genres
Julie - the entire range
Toni - Calm R’n'B
True Sampled, Polyphonic, Switchable Legato.

True sampled, polyphonic, variable-speed legato!
NOW With 58 multitextured articulations.
Oo, Ah, Eh, Ee, Oh, Uh, Mm
Bah, Bee, Boh, Boo, Buh
Dah, dee, doh, doo, duh
Fa, La, Rey
Hey, ha, ho, hoo
Kah, Kee, Koh, Koo
Mah, Mee, Moh, Moo
Sah, See, Soh, Soo
Shah, She, Show, Shoo
Tah, Tee, Toh, Too
Wah, way, wee, whoa
Yah, Yeah, Yoh, You
Boom, Bom, Bop, Bow, Bah Fall
Plus consonant endings F, L, M, R, S and Sh
You can play singers both in solo mode and in ensemble mode.


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