Toontrack - The Sixties EBX (SOUNDBANK)

Toontrack - The Sixties EBX (SOUNDBANK) is an expansion for EZbass designed to cover one of the most iconic and defining eras in popular music history: the sixties. The library was recorded using two completely different playing styles: one using a finger and the other with palm muting with a pick. This gives you two contrasting views of the same instrument and a tonal range spanning the full width from traditionally dull to harsh and vibrant. 

Download: Toontrack - The Sixties EBX (SOUNDBANK)


Fluffy Audio - Jazz Bass (KONTAKT)

Fluffy Audio - Jazz Bass for KONTAKT is a completely new take on our jazz-inspired toolbox. Expanding on the concepts we introduced in Simple Jazz Bass, we decided to make a more deeply sampled instrument that captures all the nuances of the instrument, sampled in a professional studio and using up to 5 different mic positions. 

Download: Fluffy Audio - Jazz Bass (KONTAKT)


Toontrack - Americana EBX v1.0.0 (WIN/OSX)

Toontrack - Americana EBX v1.0.0. This EBX has been designed to give you a workhorse type extension that works in all of these scenarios - from small acoustic rigs to full fledged electric rock instruments. 

Download: Toontrack - Americana EBX v1.0.0 (WIN/OSX)


Native Instruments - Session Bassist Prime Bass (KONTAKT)

Native Instruments - Session Bassist Prime Bass (KONTAKT) delivers the classic sound of one of the world's most iconic electric basses, captured on an original 1981 USA-made solid-body bass. With a wealth of riffs, loops and melodies composed and performed by professional session musicians, PRIME BASS has everything you need to create soulful fingerstyle grooves, pick-played pop basses, staccato funk slaps and everything in between. 

Download: Native Instruments - Session Bassist Prime Bass (KONTAKT)


Toontrack - Hard Rock EBX v1.0.0 (SOUNDBANK)

Toontrack - Hard Rock EBX is an extension for EZbass designed for use in heavy hard rock productions where bass is undoubtedly central. With its stunning lows, roaring mid-range and bright but always very balanced treble, this is the definition of solid bass for serious hard rock songs. 

Download: Toontrack - Hard Rock EBX v1.0.0 (SOUNDBANK)


Waves - Bass Slapper Library (BASS SLAPPER)

The sample library for Waves Bass Slapper includes the world's largest library of samples of bass guitar sounds with slides, jamming with right and left hands and harmonious fights. Intuitive control of the instrument and articulation allows you to accurately determine where to play the fretboard, when you need to switch strings which strings to thumb or pop.

Download: Waves - Bass Slapper Library (BASS SLAPPER)


Toontrack - Gospel EBX v1.0.0 (SOUNDBANK)

Toontrack - Gospel EBX v1.0.0 is an EZbass extension designed to provide the perfect mix of bass, presets and MIDI for gospel inspired music. With an instrument that literally defines the utmost clarity, balance and nuance, expect mix-ready tones that span the full range needed to cut through any song in this very diverse genre. 

Download: Toontrack - Gospel EBX v1.0.0 (SOUNDBANK)


Pettinhouse - FunkyBass 1.1 (KONTAKT)

Pettinhouse - FunkyBass 1.1 is a sample library for KONTAKT that includes two products: an instrument, a bass sample library created using vintage Fender Precision Bass, with lots of samples, endless alternate notes, fret noises, string noises, release noises and legato to make FunkyBass sound like real bass. 

Download: Pettinhouse - FunkyBass 1.1 (KONTAKT)


Native Instruments Scarbee Rickenbacker Bass (KONTAKT)

The company Native Instruments introduced SCARBEE RICKENBACKER BASS - a new virtual instrument for KONTAKT, simulating bass Rickenbacker 4003. Samples were taken and bass guitars designer Thomas Skarbaem (Skarbye). SCARBEE RICKENBACKER BASS captures the unmistakable sound of a Rickenbacker 4003 for the first time in software. Delivering meaty, low end thunder and the crisp, defined midrange that has shaped rock and pop history, RICKENBACKER BASS is the first software instrument to be officially approved Rickenbacker. Size 6.74 Gb

Download: Native Instruments Scarbee Rickenbacker Bass (KONTAKT)


Ample Sound - Ample Bass Acoustic III v3.3.0 (WIN/OSX)

Ample Sound - Ample Bass Acoustic III is a virtual acoustic bass instrument based on Guild B-54 CE Acoustic Bass samples. ABA has a 5GB sample library that is recorded at each fret. 

Download: Ample Sound - Ample Bass Acoustic III v3.3.0 (WIN/OSX)


Dan Dean - Signature Bass Collection (KONTAKT)

Dan Dean - Signature Bass Collection, exclusive to Audio plugin Deals, features 5 different bass guitar libraries, each with its own distinctive sound. These instruments have been sampled in incredible detail using Accusample™ technology. 

Download: Dan Dean - Signature Bass Collection (KONTAKT)


Ample Sound - Ample Bass Jaco Fretless III v3.2.0 (WIN/OSX)

Ample Bass Jaco Fretless III is a virtual fretless bass guitar that brings the sound of the Fender Custom Shop Jaco Pastorius Relic Fretless Jazz Bass to your studio. Ample Bass Jaco Fretless contains a library of over 2GB of samples recorded on each fret. 

Download: Ample Sound - Ample Bass Jaco Fretless III v3.2.0 (WIN/OSX)


Puremagnetik - Mark Two Berlin (KONTAKT)

Puremagnetik - Mark Two Berlin a sampled version of the Fender Rhodes MKII. The library includes more than 60 loops. Mark Two Berlin is a distinctively unique and versatile instrument recorded from a restored Fender Rhodes MKII. It was salvaged from a Berlin collectioner and brought back to life after many months of restoration. 

Download: Puremagnetik - Mark Two Berlin (KONTAKT)


Native Instruments - SCARBEE MM-BASS AMPED v1.1.0 (KONTAKT)

Native Instruments - SCARBEE MM-BASS AMPED v1.1.0 for KONTAKT is a carefully sampled sound to attend to sit in the mix. Four sounds for R&B, pop, rock and hard rock. 17 expressive articulations and techniques. SCARBEE MM-BASS AMPED is based on the Scarbee Black Bass, created by seasoned bassist and producer Thomas Hansen Skarbye and inspired by the sound of Bernard Edwards (Chic). 11.84 Gb.

Download: Native Instruments - SCARBEE MM-BASS AMPED v1.1.0 (KONTAKT)


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