Fluffy Audio - Jazz Bass (KONTAKT)

Fluffy Audio - Jazz Bass for KONTAKT is a completely new take on our jazz-inspired toolbox. Expanding on the concepts we introduced in Simple Jazz Bass, we decided to make a more deeply sampled instrument that captures all the nuances of the instrument, sampled in a professional studio and using up to 5 different mic positions. 

Download: Fluffy Audio - Jazz Bass (KONTAKT)


Fluffy Audio - Simple Ukulele (KONTAKT)

Fluffy Audio - Simple Ukulele for KONTAKT contains samples of a beautiful tenor ukulele with a warm and steady sound. Simple Ukulele features the new Fluffy Audio Strummer 2.5, a new version of the strumming engine developed by Rinascimento and Spaghetti Western. 

Download: Fluffy Audio - Simple Ukulele (KONTAKT)


Fluffy Audio - Trio Broz Solo Violin 2.0 (KONTAKT)

Fluffy Audio - Trio Broz Solo Violin 2.0 for KONTAKT sampled a string trio of talented Italian musicians, Barbara (violin), Giada (viola) and Klaus (cello), at the amazing Teatro delle Voci in Treviso. The Broz Solo Violin features up to 3.5 octaves, 4 dynamic layers for sustained articulations, 2 legato types, 4 Round Robins for short articulations like Spiccato, Staccato and Pizzicato. Here is Fluffy Audio - Trio Broz Solo Viola

Download: Fluffy Audio - Trio Broz Solo Violin 2.0 (KONTAKT)


Fluffy Audio - My Vibes (KONTAKT)

Fluffy Audio My Vibes - vibraphone sample library for Kontakt sampler. When we were working on My Vibes we realized that a real vibraphone just doesn’t play as a piano keyboard. When the pedal is up the notes are short, when the pedal is down the notes are long. There’s no way to keep a single note long and the others short, like in a piano. In Fluffy Audio My Vibes you have this additional feature. In real mode My Vibes reacts like a real vibraphone, while in piano-like mode you can play the vibraphone like a piano. To keep notes long you don’t have to keep the pedal down, you just need to keep the keys pressed.

Download: Fluffy Audio - My Vibes (KONTAKT)


Fluffy Audio - Simple Jazz Bass (KONTAKT)

Fluffy Audio Simple Jazz Bass - acoustic jazz bass recorded by the legendary musician Nicola Ziliani. Simple Jazz Bass perfect for walking bass lines in your compositions as well as for jazz soloing. Fluffy Audio Simple Jazz Bass use the tricks of the bass play: just round, fat, low pizzicato upright bass frequencies, jazz defined fingers’ attack. 

Download: Fluffy Audio - Simple Jazz Bass (KONTAKT)


Fluffy Audio - Simple Violin (KONTAKT)

Fluffy Audio - Simple Violin for KONTAKT is a violin in which there is only one real legato articulation - with a full note of accompaniment after the legato - and one dynamic layer. Trying in the concert hall, we especially asked the performer to pay great attention to passion and vibrato.  

Download: Fluffy Audio - Simple Violin (KONTAKT)


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