Fluffy Audio - My Vibes (KONTAKT)

Fluffy Audio My Vibes - vibraphone sample library for Kontakt sampler. When we were working on My Vibes we realized that a real vibraphone just doesn’t play as a piano keyboard. When the pedal is up the notes are short, when the pedal is down the notes are long. There’s no way to keep a single note long and the others short, like in a piano. In Fluffy Audio My Vibes you have this additional feature. In real mode My Vibes reacts like a real vibraphone, while in piano-like mode you can play the vibraphone like a piano. To keep notes long you don’t have to keep the pedal down, you just need to keep the keys pressed.


Fluffy Audio - My Vibes part 1

Fluffy Audio - My Vibes part 2

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1.6 Gb NCW compressed sample pool
8 different nki patches
4400 samples
2 different mic positions
3 different mallet types
3 velocity layers layers for long articulations
6 velocity layers for short articulations
3x Round Robin
Motor Vibrato with Modwheel control for speed change
Equalizer, Reverb with custom IRs
Full velocity control
Simple Attack/ Release controls
2 different playing modes
Fast load/switching between mics and mallets


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