Angel Cano - Toasty v1.03 (KONTAKT)

Angel Cano - Toasty v1.03 (KONTAKT) is a sample library stratocaster guitar includes higher-end Noiseless pickups, abalone dot inlays, inlaid headstock logo and aged plastic parts. Starting in 2004, the Deluxe Strat also featured Fender's S-1 switch system. 

Download: Angel Cano - Toasty v1.03 (KONTAKT)


Angel Cano - The Fresh (KONTAKT)

Angel Cano - The Fresh for KONTAKT is universal electric guitar. The Fresh also has its own effects page with controls for compression, stereo distribution and transients. 

Download: Angel Cano - The Fresh (KONTAKT)


Angel Cano - The VOX v1.5 (KONTAKT)

Angel Cano - The VOX v1.5 for Native Instrument KONTAKT is a wonderful  set of professional patches and sounds for writing electronic music.

Download: Angel Cano - The VOX v1.5 (KONTAKT)


Angel Cano - Creamy v2.0 (KONTAKT)

Angel Cano - Creamy v2.0 is a unique Guitar library for Kontakt that blends a Stratocaster guitar with silky pad sounds to create a lush dreamy sound. Angel Cano - Creamy v2.0 uses an innovative approach to sampling, in a combination of multiple settings and effects there is a feeling of live play. 

Download: Angel Cano - Creamy v2.0 (KONTAKT)


Angel Cano - Traveler Bass v1.12 (KONTAKT)

Angel Cano - Traveler Bass v1.12 for KONTAKT 5-string electric bass Ibanez BTB675 reveals incredible sound possibilities due to high-quality wood, excellent design and ultra-modern electronics. A solid ash case with a top of walnut offers a steep look, made of a sturdy construction. 

Download: Angel Cano - Traveler Bass v1.12 (KONTAKT)


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