Aria Sounds - Xiao Flute (KONTAKT)

Aria Sounds - Xiao Flute the longitudinal bamboo flute xiao (箫, xiāo) - one of the oldest musical instruments in China: it has existed for nearly 3,000 years. We sampled this tool with legato intervals up to an octave and artificially filled in some of the notes, which actually can not be played on the instrument physically. With our instrument, you can play it in any key, as you would any other VST instrument on the keyboard. 

Download: Aria Sounds - Xiao Flute (KONTAKT)


Aria Sounds - Aurora Choir V.2 (KONTAKT)

Aria Sounds - Aurora Choir V.2 is an elegant and powerful Kontakt choir sample library that represents a milestone for Aria Sounds, culminating in many hours of work, study, and tuning. The library contains both Sopranos and Altos (separate instruments for maximum control), and has an absolutely stunning legato tone. On top of this, it has short syllables, arranged into a very conveniently playable sequencer. 

Download: Aria Sounds - Aurora Choir V.2 (KONTAKT)


Aria Sounds - Bansuri Flute (KONTAKT)

Aria Sounds - Bansuri Flute is a traditional, ancient Indian flute with a fantastic, well recognized by many and beloved ethnic sound. Bansuri Flute has legato articulations and a wide variety of expressive games with vibrato or without, accelerating vibrato, soft air or hard attack. All these parameters can be switched during the playing. 

Download: Aria Sounds - Bansuri Flute (KONTAKT)


ARIA Sound London Solo Cello (KONTAKT)

The ARIA Sound London Solo Cello for Native Instrument Kontakt was sampled in the same London concert hall as the LSS violin with a fantastic musician who applied the perfect tasteful amount of musicality and emotion when recording for this library. The result is a largely human, breatheable instrument. The ARIA Sound London Solo Cello is the fantastic and hugely improved upon cello, with an amazing four mic positions, three legato types and even a choice of true release types. 

Download: ARIA Sound London Solo Cello (KONTAKT)


Aria Sounds - London Solo Double Bass (KONTAKT)

The Aria Sounds - London Solo Double Bass is the fourth and final installment in our "Aria LSS Solo Strings" Sample Library Bundle, complete with the same magnificent features as the rest of the LSS Solo Strings. Three legato modes were sampled - slurred, bowed and portamento. These are easily switchable during use via keyswitches, and one exceptionally useful feature, which we are shocked to say we rarely see in string libraries, is the ability to change bow on the same note. Simply hold the note you want to change bow on, and press the low G keyswitch. 

Download: Aria Sounds - London Solo Double Bass (KONTAKT)


Aria Sounds - LSS Solo Strings Solo Viola (KONTAKT)

Aria Sounds - LSS Solo Strings Solo Viola for KONTAKT  from library "LSS Solo Strings" replaces our previous violin solo library and is not even comparable in quality. We sampled the instrument in a large beautiful London concert hall, with a large number of microphones from four main positions: close mono, close pair, average distance and far distance. 

Download: Aria Sounds - LSS Solo Strings Solo Viola (KONTAKT)


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