Auddict - United Strings of Europe: Second Violins (KONTAKT)

Auddict - United Strings of Europe: Second Violins is a London-based ensemble consisting of young professionals from all over the European Union and Switzerland with the goal of promoting musical and cultural collaboration at the highest level. 

Download: Auddict - United Strings of Europe: Second Violins (KONTAKT)


Auddict - Virtuoso Violin (KONTAKT)

The most realistic violins are Virtuoso Violin - a library for Kontakt 5 +. We tried to cover as many possible sounds of the violin as possible, resulting in a huge list of articulations, which you can see below. We even specially sampled slurred, bowed and fast legato, so you can correctly and realistically execute various passages. 

Download: Auddict - Virtuoso Violin (KONTAKT)


Auddict Master Brass Trumpets v1.1 (KONTAKT)

Auddict Master Brass Trumpets presents to you the library of the section Trumpets from our Master Brass orchestral brass sample library. Brass Trumpets includes 7 microphone positions, with which you can flexibly mix prospects, replacing real sessions. Auddict Master Brass Trumpets has two modes - legato, normal and fast for creating quick passages. 

Download: Auddict Master Brass Trumpets v1.1 (KONTAKT)


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