Global Audio Tools - Endless Subs (KONTAKT)

Global Audio Tools presents you a new tool for musicians around the world and which we called Endless Subs. This bank for Kontakt contains 30 Sub Bass 808 sounds that will be played endlessly, and gives you much greater flexibility and flexibility when it comes to 808 Glides and Slides, as well as full control over sounds. 

Download: Global Audio Tools - Endless Subs (KONTAKT)


Global Audio Tools - Alliance (KONTAKT)

Global Audio Tools is one crazy dope library with a variety of instruments ranging from grimy sub basses to evolving pads, plucks, guitars and much more, not to mention it has one very clean and unique user interface with a array of onboard FX and a Arpeggiator.  is ready for you to tweak and use as you see fit, while each sound can be manipulated into a variety of different Arpeggiator patterns, and further tweak with the onboard FX. 

Download: Global Audio Tools - Alliance (KONTAKT)


Global Audio Tools - 24K 808s (KONTAKT)

Global Audio Tools brings you the "Kontakt 24K 808s Library", but do not worry, all 808 sounds come in WAV format - so we can all use this tool to create hits. This new Kontakt library is equipped with 40 customized 808 sounds, as well as an elegant user interface and built-in controls and effects with an integrated menu system to select the right 808. 

Download: Global Audio Tools - 24K 808s (KONTAKT)


Global Audio Tools - Sounds From The Streets V.2 (KONTAKT, WAV)

Global Audio Tools - Sounds From The Streets V.2 is truly a one-of-a-kind drum bank that is in its own niche. From real audio sources, up to 808 hard drums, this drum bank is an inspiration for music makers.  KONTAKT 5+

Download: Global Audio Tools - Sounds From The Streets V.2 (KONTAKT, WAV)


Global Audio Tools - MATRIX (KONTAKT)

Global Audio Tools - MATRIX for KONTAKT is a library comes with over 90 instruments ranging from the heavy 808s, Elegant Keys, etc. They all come with a very nice graphical user interface that allows you to quickly customize each sound with to your taste. 

Download: Global Audio Tools - MATRIX (KONTAKT)


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