Echo Collective - Swell Full (KONTAKT)

Echo Collective Swell Full (KONTAKT 6) is a Kontakt instrument and sound effects library designed to create naturally sounding accruing sound from various cymbals. We attracted a professional drummer to perform each of the buildups, and during the recording sessions we used a wide range of forms and sizes of cymbals. The cymbals included gong, orchestral hanging plates, crashes, tea plates, hissing rides and others. 

Download: Echo Collective - Swell Full (KONTAKT)


F9 Audio - F9 Origins: 60 Old School Pianos (MIDI, WAV, KONTAKT)

F9 Audio - F9 Origins: 60 Old School Pianos a limited series of club-ready piano sounds from F9 Audio collection. This instrument is perfect for club music and a chord fill. 

Download: F9 Audio - F9 Origins: 60 Old School Pianos (MIDI, WAV, KONTAKT)


Atom Hub - Ghosts Of Autumn (KONTAKT)

Atom Hub - Ghosts Of Autumn for NI KONTAKT is a unique generator of dark sound environments. Its 25 patches, each of which is equipped with 8 layers loaded with picturesque samples of autumn sound, instantly create an eerie, disturbing, but at the same time dreamy and serene atmosphere. 

Download: Atom Hub - Ghosts Of Autumn (KONTAKT)


Performance Samples - CON MOTO – CELLOS (KONTAKT)

Performance Samples - CON MOTO - CELLOS (KONTAKT) is a string library recorded with movement in sustain, legato and attack. The bowed sustain offers continuously expressed vibrato and emotions through approaches to performance and editing. resonating attack notes and carefully prepared release samples obtained from musical performance units turn into a game that provides a smooth change in the length of notes, similar to previous Performance Samples libraries.

Download: Performance Samples - CON MOTO – CELLOS (KONTAKT)


Echo Sound Works X Grand Piano (KONTAKT)

Echo Sound Works X Grand Piano for KONTAKT is a perfect piano for the modern Pop, Hip Hop and EDM Producers. Incredible staging of the finished sound, a user-friendly graphical interface with simple but effective controls. There are probably more sample piano libraries than any other type of library, but there are none like the X Grand. 

Download: Echo Sound Works X Grand Piano (KONTAKT)


Prominy - Electric Grand PCP-80 (KONTAKT)

Prominy - Electric Grand PCP-80 (KONTAKT) - the classic electric piano Yamaha Electric Grand CP-80, popular among jazz, rock and fusion musicians of the 80s of last century. This electric piano is considered one of the best in the standards and is a "must-have" musical instrument. A huge number of albums and musicians include the CP-80 in their productions.  

Download: Prominy - Electric Grand PCP-80 (KONTAKT)


Prominy - SR5 Rock Bass v1.12b (KONTAKT)

Prominy - SR5 Rock Bass v1.12b for KONTAKT True MusicMan® StingRay®5 sound includes more than 15 gigabytes *, approx. 14,000 samples. SR5 Rock Bass allows you to compose and create natural bass tracks that mimic playing on a real bass guitar. 

Download: Prominy - SR5 Rock Bass v1.12b (KONTAKT)


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