Modwheel - Timphonia (KONTAKT)

Modwheel - Timphonia is high-quality library of timpani the fifth instalment in MODWHEEL’s Creative Differences percussion series for Kontakt. Modwheel - Timphonia was recorded in a neutral studio space with close and room microphone placements.  

Download: Modwheel - Timphonia (KONTAKT)


Native Instruments Battery 4 (Mac OS X)

Native Instruments Battery 4 for Mac OS X - professional drum sampler. The widespread use of the drum sampler was made possible by the low requirements for system resources, ease of use and compatibility with a huge number of drums sample formats. Battery 4 Factory Content Library download.

Download: Native Instruments Battery 4 (Mac OS X)


Toontrack - Hip-Hop EZX (Win/OSX)

ToonTrack - Hip-Hop (WiN MacOSX) for EZdrummer 2 contains 22 ready-made drum kit and percussion  - all in the uncompromising merging of organic and electronic percussion. Get anything from the clean and polished sound of neo-soul and the mean and electronic Southern trap to the to the dirty, rugged New York boom bap – all in one place. Add to this the powerful framework of EZdrummer 2 and you have the ultimate creative canvas for your next beat.  

Download: Toontrack - Hip-Hop EZX (Win/OSX)


Divergent Audio Group - Drumverse (KONTAKT)

Divergent Audio Group - Drumverse for KONTAKT perpetuates drum kits in rooms that are rarely audible in the main drum samplers. We aim to diversify the panorama of the selected drum kits by visiting places where underground performers record whether they are cellars, living rooms or other temporary studios. 

Download: Divergent Audio Group - Drumverse (KONTAKT)


Vir2 Instruments - Cinematic Thunder Epic Orchestral Toms v1.5 Update (KONTAKT)

Vir2 Instruments - Cinematic Thunder: Epic Orchestral Toms v1.5 for KONTAKT Epic drums for your studio, recorded in a large concert hall in central California with three microphone positions for complete flexibility, the Cinematic Thunder provides an epic sound. Cinematic Thunder, from mild and warm to large and pompous, is an absolute and indispensable production instruments. Vir2 Instruments - Cinematic Thunder: Epic Orchestral Toms (KONTAKT)

Download: Vir2 Instruments - Cinematic Thunder Epic Orchestral Toms v1.5 Update (KONTAKT)


Dream Audio Tools - Dream Circle v1.5 (KONTAKT)

Dream Audio Tools - Dream Circle v1.5 for KONTAKT is a new library with examples of hits and effects derived from a small handmade copper gong. 

Download: Dream Audio Tools - Dream Circle v1.5 (KONTAKT)


Strezov Sampling - Taikos X3M (KONTAKT)

Strezov Sampling - Taikos X3M for KONTAKT is taiko cinematic drums with a special emphasis on fast play and organic, timeless sound. Also includes various percussion ensembles based on taiko sounds to expand your sound palette. For many years, the Japanese Taiko has been a constant racy in soundtracks and musical works around the world. Acoustic Trailer Percussion

Download: Strezov Sampling - Taikos X3M (KONTAKT)


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