Divergent Audio Group - Drumverse (KONTAKT)

Divergent Audio Group - Drumverse for KONTAKT perpetuates drum kits in rooms that are rarely audible in the main drum samplers. We aim to diversify the panorama of the selected drum kits by visiting places where underground performers record whether they are cellars, living rooms or other temporary studios. 


Divergent Audio Group - Drumverse (KONTAKT) part 1

Divergent Audio Group - Drumverse (KONTAKT) part 2

Divergent Audio Group - Drumverse (KONTAKT) part 3

Divergent Audio Group - Drumverse (KONTAKT) part 4

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- A complete set of drums; a pack of 5 subjects and 8 plates.
- Dynamic impacts; 5026 unprocessed untreated samples (3095 MB lossless) for different speed values over a 12-channel belt mixer.
- Randomized randomization of the sample; The same sample is rarely reproduced twice in a row.
- Built-in mixer with basic sound manipulation, including multiple output routing for advanced use in DAW.
- The mixer contains an additional channel channel strip, in which snapshots of the grid are captured through an authentic echo camera in the Atlantis studio in Stockholm.
- Sliders for adjusting the amount of spill for each OH / Room microphone.
- Each drum / dish is unloaded to minimize the use of RAM.


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