Native Instruments Abbey Road 70s Drums Library

Abbey Road 70s Drums Library of the legendary British studio co-developed with engineers from Native Instruments. The basis made two classic drum machines from the 70's. Excellent, authentic sound, as well as a deep and detailed control. All you need to get the right sound - from classical to contemporary - hidden in three optional boxes: Drums, Mixer, and Options. More than 32,000 samples of the highest quality 24-bit, 44.1 kHz. 34 variants of articulation. More than 6 variations impact on one layer, which gives an unprecedented realism. 2 option on the snare drum for each kit. In general patentsial library is huge.

ABBEY ROAD 70s DRUMS Library also includes mapping templates for instant play via E-Drums and drum software! Two highly-sought after vintage drum kits were chosen by Abbey Road and Native Instruments sound engineers to give two highly distinctive 70s drum sounds. The Open Kit is a Ludwig™ Vistalite Tequila Sunrise from 1972 with a 26" kick drum, 14" rack tom and 16" and 18" floor toms. Recorded in the legendary Studio Two of Abbey Road, this kit provides the big roomy sound immortalized on countless classic rock recordings. The Tight Kit is a vintage 1970s Premier model with 22" kick drum, 13" rack tom, 14" and 16" floor toms. The samples from this kit were also recorded in Studio Two of Abbey Road, but dedicated acoustic panels were put around the kit to achieve the tight, punchy and dry sound that was very popular throughout the 70s. ABBEY ROAD | 70s DRUMS were recorded using an EMI TG MKIII mixing console and 16-track analogue 2-inch tape machine using 1970s professional Dolby Noise Reduction and Ampex 456 tape. Each kit was recorded with an array of microphones including classic Neumann®, AKG® and Beyerdynamic® models from the studio's vast microphone collection – one of the largest in the world. The individual direct and room microphone signals are all separately adjustable - giving you detailed control of the overall sound.


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