Joey Sturgis Drums - Miles McPherson Drums (KONTAKT)

Joey Sturgis Drums - Miles McPherson Drums is a library of recorded, edited and mixed drum samples for the Native Instruments "Kontakt" platform. The collection includes two sets of samples: a set of Yamaha and 1972 Rogers recorded at the Starstruck studio, each of which is performed by the famous drummer Miles McPherson (Kelly Clarkson, Paramore). 

Joey Sturgis Drums - Miles McPherson Drums included:
•Two Kontakt Instruments, one for each kit. 6 GB Download.
•House Kit and Studio Kit. Details below.
•Ultra Realistic Drum samples performed by Miles, Engineered by Joey
•Right and Left hit articulations, Snare Wires on and off, Full Kit Bleed.
•Intelliswitching for automated R | L triggering.

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