Angel Cano - Creamy v2.0 (KONTAKT)

Angel Cano - Creamy v2.0 is a unique Guitar library for Kontakt that blends a Stratocaster guitar with silky pad sounds to create a lush dreamy sound. Angel Cano - Creamy v2.0 uses an innovative approach to sampling, in a combination of multiple settings and effects there is a feeling of live play. 

Download: Angel Cano - Creamy v2.0 (KONTAKT)


Ample Sound - Ample Guitar Semi Hollow 3.2.0 (WIN/OSX) x64

Ample Sound - The Ample Guitar Semi Hollow 3 is modeled on the Gibson ES 335 semi-empty fingerstyle guitar pickup and sounds warm and soft. Suitable for Jazz Fusion and Blues genres. 

Download: Ample Sound - Ample Guitar Semi Hollow 3.2.0 (WIN/OSX) x64


Hephaestus Sounds - Jack's Concert Guitar v1.10 (KONTAKT)

Hephaestus Sounds - Jack's Concert Guitar v1.10 for KONTAKT is a distinct, neat and highly expressive acoustic guitar for Kontakt, using SenseTech technology to adapt sound in real time depending on your playing style. Sometimes a great guitar player and a great instrument are not enough. The difference lies in the ability to make a discrete instrument reproduced exactly as a real instrument that simulates articulation and noise in real time. 

Download: Hephaestus Sounds - Jack's Concert Guitar v1.10 (KONTAKT)


Ample Sound - Ample Guitar VC 3.2.0 (WIN/OSX) x64

Ample Guitar VC III will add the sound of a Gibson SG Vintage 61 electric guitar to your studio, perfect for vintage rock and roll from the 70s and 80s. 

Download: Ample Sound - Ample Guitar VC 3.2.0 (WIN/OSX) x64


Strezov Sampling - MUTED GUITARS (KONTAKT)

Strezov Sampling - MUTED GUITARS is a KONTAKT based library that was recorded in one of the smaller recording rooms at Sofia Session Studio. MUTED GUITARS follows the same electroacoustic principles as The Muted Seiler, including three different guitars, powerful sound design tools and a unique arpeggiator. 

Download: Strezov Sampling - MUTED GUITARS (KONTAKT)


Audiofier - Riffendium 6 (KONTAKT)

Audiofier - Riffendium 6 for KONTAKT presents exciting rhythmic performances for your vintage and modern music styles such as pop / disco / funk. RIFFENDIUM 6 is a collection of thematic samples for contemporary producers and composers. It includes loops of real, modeled, synthesized and developed instruments, providing an original palette of inspiring sounds for electronic and organic music creators.  Audiofier - Riffendium 3

Download: Audiofier - Riffendium 6 (KONTAKT)


Half Moon Productions - ABZ 5 BASS INSTRUMENT (KONTAKT)

Half Moon Productions - ABZ 5 Bass Instrument is sampled with a top of the range Dingwall ABZ bass made in Canada. Tracked with Kallium 185-50 strings it has the clean and massive low end you're looking for. Multisampled up and downstrokes all the way to D0 (pitched to C0) with alternate picking capability. ABZ 5 BASS INSTRUMENT for KONTAKT 5.5.1+

Download: Half Moon Productions - ABZ 5 BASS INSTRUMENT (KONTAKT)


MusicLab - RealEight STANDALONE (Win/OSX)

RealEight 4 is a virtual 8-string guitar that delivers incredible playability with an easy-to-use keyboard layout, and an advanced keystroke / pedal switching system that allows the keyboard player to play guitar parts with a completely new level of realism and expressiveness. RealEight version 4 covers almost all sounds, articulations and techniques that a professional guitarist can produce on an 8-string electric guitar, including jamming, harmonics, slipping and much more. 

Download: MusicLab - RealEight STANDALONE (Win/OSX)


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