Ilya Efimov Acoustic Guitar Strum 1.52

Ilya Efimov Acoustic Guitar Strum is a sample-based fully functional totally next-generation module to imitate guitar musical accompaniment. Using out library you will save a lot of time and money as you will not need to hire a professional guitar player to record the sound. The sound of this library is rich and sensual, transparent  and incredibly expressive. We have made fantastic realism by using 14 dynamic colors for each note. This library is essential for Acoustic Guitar imitation. You can use all frets for each string.


Ilya Efimov Acoustic Guitar Strum 1.52 part 1

Ilya Efimov Acoustic Guitar Strum 1.52 part 2

Ilya Efimov Acoustic Guitar Strum 1.52 part 3

Ilya Efimov Acoustic Guitar Strum 1.52 part 4

Ilya Efimov Acoustic Guitar Strum 1.52 part 5

Our unique  Round Robin Chord system is used in the library. It is a complex system that helps to exclude an exact replica of a strum chord. The attack style, Peak noise variation, velocity of each string and Strum time (the time between attacks of each string during playing the chord) are also changed in a random way The Strum has many styles.

- 3 660 samples, 2,3 Gb (NCW Compression), 44,1 Hz 24 bit, stereo.
- 14 velocity layers for each note17 frets on the each string with round-robin.
- Automatic and manual String Selection.
- Automatic and manual Left Hand Playing Position Selection.
- 3 modes for automatic search of chord position.
- 14 different articulations.
- Realistic legato.
- Realistic glissando.
- Repetition keys.
- Many differents FX and Noises.
- Effects: Reverb, Compressor, EQ, Delay.
- MIDI-guitar mode.


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