Martin Britz - Invictus Guitar (KONTAKT)

Martin Britz Invictus Guitar is a library of electric guitars with two instruments: one with an untreated guitar, the other with an amplifier processing and containing about 5.7 GB. samples each has, an extended pattern editor, a set of key switches for different sounds and much more. Invictus Guitar library consists of more than 3500 individual records. Each of these records was edited manually to create approximately 1790 double samples. 


Martin Britz - Invictus Guitar (KONTAKT) part 1

Martin Britz - Invictus Guitar (KONTAKT) part 2

Martin Britz - Invictus Guitar (KONTAKT) part 3

Martin Britz - Invictus Guitar (KONTAKT) part 4

Martin Britz - Invictus Guitar (KONTAKT) part 5

Martin Britz - Invictus Guitar (KONTAKT) part 6

Invictus Guitar library has sixteen takes of each sound, combined in 8 stereo samples per sound. There are six different sounds and chords (5th Power Chords, two alt chords, heavy and light palm mute and lead)
Invictus contains a powerful pattern and phrase editor, in which you can assign different articulations and chords to each step to create seamless and fast phrases.
Each step can contain one of the following articulations and the whole sequence can be displayed in real time when playing the keys.


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