Big Fish Audio - Ambient Minimalism (KONTAKT)

Big Fish Audio - Ambient Minimalism for KONTAKT is a unique phrase and texture-based virtual cinematic instrument that contains dozens of sounds such as playful guitar effects, beautiful vocals, custom-made pads, and more to give you a wide variety of musical elements and motifs for work. 


Big Fish Audio - Ambient Minimalism (KONTAKT) part 1

Big Fish Audio - Ambient Minimalism (KONTAKT) part 2

Big Fish Audio - Ambient Minimalism (KONTAKT) part 3

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All instrument patches were recorded in the same key, so you can mix and match any sounds in any of the patches and achieve musical results easily.
In addition, a set of 12 rocker switches (colored red) can be used to change the key of any musical element (loop, pad, etc.) on the fly, allowing you to play in any key and create chord progressions or modulations using finger touch.
Whether you are a professional composer, producer, or a beginner with little or no musical education, you will find Ambient Minimalism is a quick and easy way to find inspiration and create great sounding ambient tracks for your pieces. 


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