Garritan Instant Orchestra v1.0

Garritan Instant Orchestra v1.0 is for those who do not want to spend time building orchestrations with one instrument or section at a time. It provides pre- packaged groups of instruments, combined sections, orchestral effects, and mood-based presets. Garritan Instant Orchestra is designed for those who know little about orchestration or do not have the time to build them. The idea is to provide a large variety of lush, playable orchestrations with the least time and effort.


Garritan Instant Orchestra v1.0 part 1

Garritan Instant Orchestra v1.0 part 2

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Instruments and Combinations:
Big Brass Aggressive, Big Brass Aggressive Octave, Bones Attack, Easy Brass Chords Sustain, Easy Brass Short, Easy Brass Soft Sustain, Full Brass Octaves, Full Brass Octaves Aggressive, Full Brass Octaves Soft Attack, Full Brass Unison, Full Brass Unison Aggressive, Horn Clusters and Rips, Low Brass, Organic Brass, Snappy Brass, Trumpets Attack, Tuba Clusters, Various Brass Clusters, Wagner Brass, Wagner Brass Soft Attack

Cathedral Orchestra 1, Cathedral Orchestra 2, Ethereal Orchestra 1, Ethereal Orchestra 2, Full Choir, Full Choir Octaves, Full Choir Show, Horrid Choir, Silvery Choir, Silvery Choir Octaves

Chaos Orchestra 1, Chaos Orchestra 2, Full Brass Chaos, Full Strings Short Chaos, Full Strings Sustain Chaos, Full Winds Short Chaos, Full Winds Sustain Chaos, Orchestra Chaos Effects 1, Orchestra Chaos Effects 2, Orchestra Chaos Effect 3, Orchestra Cluster – Unison, Orchestra Cluster – Unison Fast, Orchestra Effects 1, Orchestra Effects 2, Orchestra Gliss Down Major Third, Orchestra Gliss Down Minor Third, Orchestra Gliss Down Octave, Orchestra Gliss Down Octave Rapid, Orchestra Gliss Down Rapid, Orchestra Gliss Octave Fall, Orchestra Gliss Race to Unison, Orchestra Gliss Up Down Minor Third, Orchestra Glis Up Down Rapid, Orchestra Gliss Up Major Third, Orchestra Gliss Up Minor Third, Orchestra Gliss Up Octave, Orchestra Gliss Up Octave Rapid, Orchestra Gliss Up Rapid, Weirdness

Harp Glisses Augmented Sweeps, Harp Glisses Diminished Sweeps, Harp Glisses-Major-Minor-Diminished-Augmented Sweeps, Harps Glisses Sweeps Major-Minor, Harp Glisses Down Augmented, Harp Glisses Down Diminished, Harp Glisses Down Fast, Harp Glisses Down Major-Minor, Harp Glisses Down Medium, Harp Glisses Down Rapid, Harp Glisses Down Whole Tone, Harp Glisses Up Whole Tone, Harp Glisses Up Diminished Whole Tone, Harp Glisses Up Diminished, Harp Glisses Up Fast, Harp Glisses Up Medium, Harp Glisses Up Rapid, Harp Glisses Up Whole Tone, Harp Glisses Whole Tone Sweeps, Harp Plucks, Strummed Harp Chords

Celesta, Full Organ, Harpsichord, Piano Super Light, Scary Piano FX, Spacey Piano and Orchestra

Baroquestra, Baroquestra 2, Delicate Orchestra, Delicate Orchestra and Harmonics, Easy Orchestra Chords Short Full, Easy Orchestra Chords Short Hit, Easy Orchestra Sustains (2 versions), Easy Orchestra Tremolos (2 versions), Easy Strings and Winds Sustains, Evolving Orchestra (2 versions), Full Orchestra, Full Orchestra Portato, Full Organ Orchestra (2 versions), Lush Full Orchestra Octaves (2 versions), Lush Orchestra Double Octave Winds, Lush Orchestra Octaves and Choir, Natural Brass and Winds, Orchestra Power Hits, Overlayer Orchestra, Slow Orchestra (4 versions), Soft Winds and Brass, Soft Winds and Brass Slow, Strings Winds Double Octaves, Supernatural Orchestra, The Big Chord, Wagner Orchestra

Cymbals, Cymbals Extras and FX, Deep Space Percussion, Earth Cavern Percussion, Earth Drums (3 versions), Earth Metal Percussion, Orchestra Percussion Set (2 versions), Percussion Extras, Percussion Toys, Snare and Rolls, Timpani, Timpani 2 and Rolls, Timpani FX, Timpani Rolls

Bowed Crotales, Bowed Crotales Rapid, Bowed Vibes, Bowed Vibes Rapid, Bowed Vibes and Crotales, Glockenspiel, Glockenspiel Alternating Strikes, Marimba, Marimba Alternating Hits, Marimba Rolls, Vintage Sci-Fi Bowed Percussion, Vintage Sci-Fi Bowed Percussion Rapid, Xylophone, Xylophone Alternating Hits, Xylophone Rolls

Full Strings (Violins, Violas, Cellos, & Basses) Alternating Bows Short Attack, Full Strings Alternating Bows Short Attack Release, Col Legno Full Strings, Double Octave Full Strings, Easy Pizzicato Strings, Easy Short Bow Strings, Easy Sustaining Strings, Easy Tremolo Strings, Full Strings Lush Sordino, Full Strings Sordino (2 versions), Full Strings Sustain (3 versions), Full Strings Sustain-Alternating Short, Full Strings Tremolo, Harmonics Double Full Strings, Harmonics Octave Full Strings, Marcato Sharp Attack (2 versions), Marcato Sharp Attack and Martele, Marcato Strings Alternating Bows, Martele Full Strings, Martele Octave Full Strings, Octave Strings, Octave Strings Largo, Pizzicato Full Strings, Pizzicato Loose Full Strings, Portato Strings, Portato Attack Strings, Portato Octave Strings, Portato Octave Attack Strings, Snap Pizzicato Full Strings, Solo Strings Octave Overlays, Solo Strings Sordino Overlays, Sordino Soft Full Strings, Strings Harmonics, Strings Harmonics Octaves, Strings Harmonics Slow, Strings Tuning and FX Looped, Trills Half-Step Full Strings, Trills Whole-Step Full Strings, Vibrato Espressive Full Strings, Vibrato Extreme Full Strings

Clarinet Clusters, Clarinet Winds, Clarinet Winds and Attack, Easy Winds Short, Easy Sustaining Winds, Flute Clusters, Flutes & Clarinets Clusters, Full Winds, Full Winds Octaves (2 versions), Full Winds Soft Attack, Full Winds Soft Attack Octaves, Full Winds Unison, Oboe & English Horn Clusters, Octave Winds Mix (2 versions), Reedy Winds, Reedy Winds Attack (2 versions), Silvery Winds, Silvery Winds Attach (2 versions), Various Wind Clusters


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