Sample Logic - Xosphere 2 (KONTAKT)

Sample Logic - Xosphere 2 (KONTAKT). Sample Logic has released the second version of the stunning XOSPHERE 2 instrument. They have teamed up with sound design companies: Black Octopus, Audio Modern, SampleTraxx and Loopmasters to create a tool that uses their patented morphing algorithm, which mixes amazing sound landscapes and a pulsating atmosphere. 


Sample Logic - Xosphere 2 (KONTAKT) torrent download

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- The main interface display has four sound sources or cores and an XY pad morph that intersects with each other. Sounds seem to blend so smoothly that the result is not just a mix of four different sounds, but the intersection of four parts of the same sound that are emphasized or reduced at will. 
- Contains 13 GB of new samples and 2000 tools. Sounds can be searched using a matrix view using keywords and search metadata. You can tag your favorites and filter your search results as desired. You can also save modulation choices and effects when changing only the source. Each source can be mapped to a range of keys or transposed if desired. In fact, many sounds work well independently of each other.
- A chain of six possible effects for each source. Some effects are automated with an integrated step sequencer. There is also a set of presets of effects chains to choose from. In this window, you can also choose where the sample will be played. XOSPHERES can create pulsating fluidity, bottomless waves and ethereal drones that seem to breathe. A must-have tool for composers with a sense of sound design.
- In the upper right corner there is a “Random” button and a menu that provides intelligent randomization through selective filtering. It is a powerful way to generate unique sounds that can range from unsightly to sublime. But filtering can be used to narrow the scope of choice in such a way that this process will be monitored in a paradoxical way. It might be even better to add a percentage or degree of randomization to further improve the process. 

2,000+ Sound Sources & Presets with a limitless number of sonic combinations
13GB Sample Content Sounds from leading industry developers
Dynamic Meta-tag browsing system
Proprietary 4-core XY sound morphing engine
Infinite randomization features for instant inspiration
Hot-swappable effect chain technology
FX Animator & LFO integration for tempo-synced rhythms.


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