Soniccouture - The Conservatoire Collection

Soniccouture - The Conservatoire Collection the original musical instruments of the great composers are now ancient museum pieces whose age - for hundreds of years, and their condition precludes the possibility of their use for other purposes. Library samples following musical instruments: French Harpsichord, Flemish Harpsichord, Theorbo, English Theorbo, Baroque Guitar, Psaltery, Baroque Timpani, Renaissance Side-drum, Nakers, Hurdy Gurdy.

These beautiful musical instruments embody a rich musical heritage of the past to the present, showing how incredibly diverse were predecessors of modern musical instruments. This collection of virtual sampler instrument designed to give more precise immersion in the culture of the XVI, XVII and XVIII centuries in its musical aspect, a source of inspiration for composers of today, and brings fresh paint in the sound palette of any composer or musician.

The Conservatoire Collection Library was established in cooperation with the Birmingham Conservatory, known as a center for the study of early music that speaks consistently Soniccouture serious approach to their creations.


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