Audiomodern - Opacity II (KONTAKT)

Audiomodern - Opacity II for KONTAKT is an exclusive collection of cinematic six-string guitar and professional performances that will work in film, television, sound design, documentaries, games, movie trailers, commercials, and contemporary cinematic and ambient music.

Download: Audiomodern - Opacity II (KONTAKT)


Native Instruments Vintage Organs (KONTAKT)

The tone-wheel and combo organs of the 60s and 70s have long since established themselves as present classics that no producer’s sound palette should be lacking. VINTAGE ORGANS brings the classic organ sounds of the past to your productions and performances today. Five legendary vintage organs have been meticulously sampled, preserving their authentic reputation and charm in perfect, expressive top.

Download: Native Instruments Vintage Organs (KONTAKT)


Native Instruments - MALLET FLUX v1.0.0 (KONTAKT)

Native Instruments - MALLET FLUX more than just mallets: Most instruments with hammers give you great sound. MALLET FLUX offers more - yes, it has a beautifully selected glockenspiel, celesta, xylophone, vibraphone and marimba, but the key to this unique instrument lies in its innovative sequencer and play engine. This perfect combination of rhythm, melody and sound helps to quickly develop ideas, turning the simplest drafts into memorable arrangements of soundtracks, scores and much more. 

Download: Native Instruments - MALLET FLUX v1.0.0 (KONTAKT)


Native Instruments - Analog Dreams 2.0.3 (FULL & UPDATE)

Native Instruments - Analog Dreams 2.0.3 (FULL & UPDATE) for KONTAKT 6. Iconic 20th century hardware synthesizers captured with an intricate level of detail, and creatively processed with seminal outboard effects. This hybrid analog/digital instrument utilizes blendable sound sources to deliver a modern take on classic electro and synthwave, which have seen a resurgence in recent cinema. 

Download: Native Instruments - Analog Dreams 2.0.3 (FULL & UPDATE)


Native Instruments - Kinetic Treats (KONTAKT)

Native Instruments Kinetic Treats - samples of children's toys, the library interface is completely interactive, so to control the parameters of sound we can by moving most of these toys in the window. Native Instruments - Kinetic Treats combines recordings of toys (both musical and non-musical) with advanced sound design to create the soundtrack to our childhood imagination. For KONTAKT 5.6.0+ 

Download: Native Instruments - Kinetic Treats (KONTAKT)


Native Instruments - Super 8 R2 v2.0.0 VSTi3, AAX x64 (Win)

Native Instruments has released a new SUPER 8 synthesizer to complement the company's line of electronic instruments. The polyphonic synthesizer comes with a large number of presets and also features a modern take on the classic synthesizer sound. 

Download: Native Instruments - Super 8 R2 v2.0.0 VSTi3, AAX x64 (Win)


Cmusic Productions - SAXBAND Soprano Sax (KONTAKT)

Cmusic Productions - SAXBAND Soprano Sax for KONTAKTwill change your view of the virtual instruments. It was recorded using a Mid-Side Technology with multiple articulations and production methods, which create the impression of a live performance. You can make a full adjustment of the balance between the middle and side ingredients.  

Download: Cmusic Productions - SAXBAND Soprano Sax (KONTAKT)


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