Evolution Series - World Colors Clar-Duduk v1.01 (KONTAKT)

Evolution Series - World Colors Clar-Duduk v1.01 for NI KONTAKT is a cross between a clarinet and an Armenian duduk. The idea here was to capture the emotional essence of the Clar-Duduk focusing on textural performance with out getting too bogged down in the often mechanical process of deeply sampling. 

Download: Evolution Series - World Colors Clar-Duduk v1.01 (KONTAKT)


Nord Stage 3 Ultimate Stage Pianos (KONTAKT)

Nord Stage 3 Ultimate Stage Pianos represents a library of samples, a set of wonderful pianos from the legendary Nord Stage 3. The library includes more than 40 different pianos. Get real pleasure from using this instruments. We also have the Nord Stage 2 Piano (KONTAKT)

Download: Nord Stage 3 Ultimate Stage Pianos (KONTAKT)


Westwood Instruments - Violin Untamed (KONTAKT)

Westwood Instruments - Violin Untamed for KONTAKT is a library for solo violin, the idea of which is that the samples should sound like a performance. The instrument is based on our unique impromptu articulation; A series of developing and impromptu notes. This is similar to how a musician takes your composition and adds an individual direction and human performance. 

Download: Westwood Instruments - Violin Untamed (KONTAKT)


Sonica Instruments - SHAKUHACHI (KONTAKT)

Sonica Instruments - SHAKUHACHI, the third edition of the Japanese Virtuoso series, is now available as a software instrument in the Kontakt format. The singing of loud intonation, deep but delicate breathing and Japanese sound aesthetics spreading around the periphery: the shakuhachi, an instrument symbolizing Japan, finally joins the Virtuoso Japanese Series family. 

Download: Sonica Instruments - SHAKUHACHI (KONTAKT)


Native Instruments - Pharlight (KONTAKT)

Native Instruments - Pharlight for KONTAKT is a granular vocal instrument for artists, composers, musicians and sound engineers developed by the STRAYLIGHT team. Its unique sample library contains unconventional sounds designed and recorded specifically for two unique playback modules. Native Instruments - Straylight v1.5.0 (KONTAKT)

Download: Native Instruments - Pharlight (KONTAKT)


TH Studio Production - The Grand Piano (KONTAKT)

TH Studio Production presents The Grand Piano. One of the best instruments for your classical, romantic, jazz tracks, soundtracks and many others. "The Grand Piano" - a classic Austrian instrument of high class. The sound is clear, dynamic and realistic. Recorded with very highly sensitive microphones in 3 positions. 

Download: TH Studio Production - The Grand Piano (KONTAKT)


Rhythmic Robot Audio - HT 6000 (KONTAKT)

Rhythmic Robot Audio - HT 6000 for KONTAKT released in 1987, the HT-6000 came just as Casio was making a determined effort to carve out a swathe of the pro audio market. Machines like the CZ-1 phase distortion synth had already staked a claim, suggesting that Casio needn’t just be known for home keyboards; the follow-up FZ-1 sampler was a real eye-opener, offering 16-bit sampling at a shocking low price. 

Download: Rhythmic Robot Audio - HT 6000 (KONTAKT)


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