TyphoonSounds - Phantom X (KONTAKT)

TyphoonSounds - Phantom X is a library of sounds from the powerful Roland Fantom X workstation. This includes all the best presets from the hardware model. Roland Fantom X is one of the most popular and professional workstations. This library allows you to have the sounds of this tool on your computer. 


TyphoonSounds - Phantom X (KONTAKT) part 1

TyphoonSounds - Phantom X (KONTAKT) part 2

TyphoonSounds - Phantom X (KONTAKT) part 3

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Currently, Roland Fantom X, along with the Yamaha Motif and Korg Triton, is among the so-called “big three” of the most popular professional keyboards. To create sound, 4 wave layers are used, each with its own envelope and a multi-mode filter with resonance, 3 assignable low-frequency oscillators (LFO1, LFO2, Step LFO) and 6 effect processors (3 breaks, reverb, chorus, delay and multiband compressor). The nature of the interaction of waveforms, as well as the routing of the signal passing through filters and envelope generators, are determined using algorithms (10 options for each pair of layers). For real-time control, a joystick, an infrared D-Beam controller, 4 rotary controls, 2 foot pedals and 2 buttons are used.


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