ReFX Nexus v2.2.0 VSTi, RTAS x86 (WIN)

ReFX Nexus v2.2.0 - is a set of the second version of the popular Nexus VST synthesizer for creating modern electronic music. Using existing arpeggiator presets in Nexus 2 and built-in sounds will give you the opportunity to create incredible hypnotic melodies. The possibilities of Nexus are very wide - from complex storm sounds to powerful dance leads and Gregorian choirs. 14.83 GB.

Download: ReFX Nexus v2.2.0 VSTi, RTAS x86 (WIN)


Native Instruments - Lo-Fi Glow (KONTAKT)

Native Instruments - Lo-Fi Glow for KONTAKT.  To create this instrument, vintage synthesizers, keys, organs, guitars and bass were recorded with the highest quality and then processed using effects pedals, cassette decks and samplers such as the SP-404, resulting in distinctive sounds for instant lo-fi melody. 

Download: Native Instruments - Lo-Fi Glow (KONTAKT)


Native Instruments - Straylight v1.5.0 (KONTAKT)

Native Instruments - Straylight v1.5.0 (KONTAKT) combines specialized grain and sampling modules with carefully selected sound sources, effects, and a powerful, performance-based X-Y modulation matrix that provides inspirational dynamic response and sound design. 

Download: Native Instruments - Straylight v1.5.0 (KONTAKT)


Hollow Sun - vKS70 (KONTAKT)

Hollow Sun - vKS70 (KONTAKT) This new breed of synthesizers used digitally controlled oscillators (DCO). Not digital oscillators, namely analog ones, just with digital control for better stability tuning ... but otherwise everything is analog. And it sounds powerful. 

Download: Hollow Sun - vKS70 (KONTAKT)


Dream Audio Tools - The Portable (KONTAKT)

Dream Audio Tools - The Portable ideal instrument for creating vintage synthetic sounds from classic synthetic copper to modern and alternative pads and textures. It is also an excellent tool for any style of music, including retro and modern electronics, Synthpop, Wave, Hip Hop, Film Music and Ambient. 

Download: Dream Audio Tools - The Portable (KONTAKT)


Sound Aesthetics Sampling - Mountains V3 (KONTAKT)

Sound Aesthetics Sampling - Mountains V3 containing lush and warm pads, and textures. It is small in size, but definitely large in sound. It is esentially an ambient Library, that is based on a variety of pad sounds, derived from Strings. But instead of giving just a regular Pad Patch you have the possibility to create short plucks, leads or rhythms from these samples as well. 

Download: Sound Aesthetics Sampling - Mountains V3 (KONTAKT)


Native Instruments Absynth v5.3.1 (MAC)

Native Instruments Absynth v5.3.1 for MAC is an exceptional synthesizer with unique sonic potential. Its speciality is a limitless spectrum of unusual, evolving sounds created using the powerful, hybrid synthesis architecture and sophisticated modulation and effect system - resulting in sounds far removed from the everyday. What's more ABSYNTH 5 is not just a synthesizer, but a powerful effect plug-in for treating audio tracks using the unique ABSYNTH 5 effects bank. 

Download: Native Instruments Absynth v5.3.1 (MAC)


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