Native Instruments - Straylight v1.5.0 (KONTAKT)

Native Instruments - Straylight v1.5.0 (KONTAKT) combines specialized grain and sampling modules with carefully selected sound sources, effects, and a powerful, performance-based X-Y modulation matrix that provides inspirational dynamic response and sound design. 


Native Instruments - Straylight v1.5.0 (KONTAKT) part 1

Native Instruments - Straylight v1.5.0 (KONTAKT) part 2

Native Instruments - Straylight v1.5.0 (KONTAKT) part 3

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New in version 1.5:
STRAYLIGHT 1.5 contains the following new features and improvements:

•You can now import your own samples by dragging and dropping them on to the waveform displays.
•Added high-quality modulation effects using Choral, Flair and Phasis algorithms available in all effect slots.
•Added ‘Grain Rate Interval sync’ functionality which allows you to lock the grain generation to the tempo of your DAW.
•Added 68 additional presets using the new features of version 1.5 for a total number of 452
•Improved the handling of main page waveforms range locators is now easier when the cursor reaches the edges.


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